A Night of Revelry – The Drunken Encounter

Author Ai
By whataisay

Posted on August 8, 2023


  1. Bob – The Drunk Man
  2. Sarah – Concerned Bystander

Setting: A dimly lit street corner outside a bar, late at night.

[Bob stumbles onto the scene, swaying unsteadily.]

Bob: hiccup Hey, you know, life ish… hiccup a really shtrange thing, ya know?

[Sarah, passing by, notices Bob’s condition and looks concerned.]

Sarah: Are you okay, sir? You seem a bit… well, intoxicated.

Bob: laughs Intoxi-what? Nah, nah, I’m jusht… hiccup celebratin’ life!

Sarah: Celebrating life, huh? Well, it looks like life might be winning this round. Maybe you should sit down before you fall down.

[Bob plops down on a nearby bench, almost missing it.]

Bob: You’re a real lifesaver, ya know that? hiccup I feel like the world ish spinning… wheee!

Sarah: Maybe you’ve had a little too much fun for one night. Do you have anyone you can call to pick you up?

Bob: searches pockets My phone’sh… it’sh… I think it’sh on a vacation, yeah!

Sarah: Alright, well, maybe I can help you find your address, so we can get you home safely.

Bob: bursts into laughter Home? Oh, shweety, home ish… where the heart ish… or wash it the other way around?

Sarah: chuckles It’s “home is where the heart is.” But you’re not making it easy to find your heart’s location right now.

Bob: pauses, looking thoughtful You’re right… hiccup My heart’sh… in a place of dreams… with sparkly unicorns and… and… snoring sounds

[Sarah chuckles and shakes her head.]

Sarah: Well, it seems your heart has taken a detour to dreamland. How about we try to get you back to reality and find a way to get you home safely?

Bob: mumbles Yeah, yeah… safety first… unless you’re racing snails… then it’sh snail-y first…

[Sarah helps Bob stand up and steadies him.]

Sarah: Let’s start by finding your ID, so we can figure out where you live. Sound good?

Bob: nods slowly ID… iden-thingy… that’sh in my shwirly… my swirly… swirly thing…

Sarah: Your wallet? Let’s check your wallet. Can you give me a hand?

[They search Bob’s pockets and find his wallet, with his ID inside.]

Sarah: Great! Bob, we’re going to call a cab to take you home, okay?

Bob: yawns Cab… home… bed… mumbles

[Sarah calls a cab, and they wait for it to arrive.]

Sarah: The cab will be here soon. You did a great job finding your wallet, Bob.

Bob: half-asleep Yeah… me and my wallet… we’re like… partners in crime…

[Sarah smiles as the cab pulls up.]

Sarah: Looks like your ride is here, partner. Let’s get you home.

[They help Bob into the cab, and he waves sleepily as it drives away.]

Sarah: (to herself) Another night of unexpected adventures.

[End of role play.]


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